Case Studies

Leading European Water Company

Our client came to us with a sludge handling requirement. The difficulty with sludge relates to the fact that it can be a very sticky material to work with, and tends to bridge quite easily. Their application required that a truck with 25 tonnes capacity be able to tip in and discharge the sludge at a rate varying from 500 kilograms per hour up to 15 tonnes per hour.

We designed a live bottom intake hopper which is now the industry standard throughout Ireland and the design has been modified to suit applications in a number of other industries.

Pharmaceutical Company

An international pharmaceutical company with production facilities in Ireland was having an issue with a particular blend of products causing problems in a screw conveyor. The material was building up on the casing causing difficulties in production and associated maintenance issues. The cost of these problems amounted to approximately 45k per year. We designed the serrated edge flight and the client has not had any problems since the modification and completion in 2006.

The success of this modification has ensured that we are the preferred supplier for all screw conveyors at all their Irish plants.

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