A Greener Approach To Augers And Conveyers

Rotospiral’s Environmental Committee had their first meeting of 2023, and we’ve got big plans for the future!

The whole team at Rotospiral is committed to making our world a better place to live. With that in mind, we’ve formed an environmental committee to look at our current practices and advise us. We want to operate in a way that’s great for our team members, our customers, and the planet.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

We’ll be using the helpful ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ model, but not just in the way we make our products. We’ll also implement it in the day to day running of our company, too. Firstly, we’re pledging to reduce the materials we use on site by embracing paperless documentation, along with other recommendations. Next, we’re working on reusing materials, from the scrap paper in our office, to the repair and resale of second-hand equipment. Then, of course, we’re looking at our recycling practices and working out ways to improve.

We’re always happy to create and manufacture a bespoke piece of equipment for you and your site. However, as we take in augers and conveyors for repair and resale, we can work with you on a greener approach. We might have a reusable machine ready for you to purchase today, without needing to make a brand new one. We’re here to help you find more sustainable options while bettering our company’s green policy.

We’re always happy to advise you on a greener approach to augers and conveyers. Watch this space for some exciting changes to support a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way of working.

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