Custom Made Augers and Conveyors

The Rotospiral team don’t just source and sell second hand augers. We also make and supply bespoke equipment to fit each client’s unique needs. We supply augers and conveyors, along with other equipment, to a wide range of industries. Here are some advantages of custom-made equipment:

  1. Just for you – Second hand equipment was designed for someone else’s site and project. While it’s the lower cost option, and could get the job done well enough, there’s a way to get the best out of your equipment. When it’s designed for your specific workplace, you can match the kit to your needs, from power source compatibility to the capacity and size.
  2. Working at your best – The right augers and conveyors can make sure your site is streamlined and working efficiently. Custom-made equipment can reduce the amount of downtime your site needs, reduce energy consumption and maximise your output. Your in control, so design an auger that will work at the right speed and is as easy to use as you need.
  3. Targeted improvement – Your equipment doesn’t need to just fit into your site, it needs to work well and improve it. This might need it has to do specific things that don’t come as standard. Whether that’s adding advanced controls and an option for automation, or making sure there’s an option for specialised attachments. Maybe you don’t need those attachements all the time, so your can make sure they’re detachable. Whatever your site needs, we can work with you to make the perfect equipment.
  4. Adaptability – Does your site has specific environmental qualities that should be taken into account? Customising your equipment to withstand the type of terrain, weather and use it will be subjected to can help make it last longer.
  5. Future-proofing – You’re buying this equipment for long term use, so why not make sure it will serve you well in the long term? Design an auger or conveyor that can meet your current and potential requirements.

Second hand or standardised equipment might work well for your company, but bespoke augers could maximise your output and profitability, without making you work harder. Contact us today to see how we can design augers, conveyors and tub feeders that don’t just work for your site, but improve it.

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