Maximising Efficiency: Tips for Proper Maintenance of Farming Augers and Conveyors

At Rotospiral, we design our augers for the fast-paced world of agriculture and industry. After years of working with our clients, we know the importance of efficiency. Proper maintenance of your equipment will make sure your site is up and running at maximum speed for longer. Follow these tips for basic auger and conveyor maintenance, and don’t hesitate to contact our expert team for more in-depth advice.


Schedule frequent inspections for your augers and conveyors, then stick to the routine you’ve laid out. Catch issues early in an inspection, and you’ll reduce the amount of downtime the equipment needs and prevent major issues down the line.


Take the time to thoroughly clean your equipment. Remove material residues, dirt and debris to prevent clogs and corrosion. Clean equipment will operate more efficiently and have a longer lifespan.
Tension and Alignment Checks

Belts and chains need to be at properly tensioned to perform at their best. When loose belts slip, it can lead to problems with power transmissions, but overly tight belts can strain the equipment, while poorly aligned equipment can cause a disruption. Check the tension and alignments of your equipment regularly to avoid these problems.

Seasonal Preparations

Different seasons demand different tasks from your equipment, and leaving them prepped for the wrong time of year can have consequences. Make sure your augers, conveyors and hoppers are ready for the season, whether that’s adjusting for a heavy harvest or preparing for a long period of storage.

Professional Maintenance

While a lot of maintenance can be done in-house, there are some occasions that need a professional touch. Please know your own limits and invest in technical expertise when it’s needed.

Proper maintenance is key to helping your equipment last longer and perform at its best. With regular check ups, cleaning and preparation for changing conditions, your augers and conveyors will last for years to come.

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