Roto Spiral is one of the leading manufacturers of augers in the UK and Ireland. We can supply for all types of machinery across multiple industries.

Our augers are efficient and cost-effective. We’ll work with you to make sure that your equipment can move your materials quickly and safely. We make our products with varying thicknesses, with a range of diameters from 20mm up to 5 metres. With our flexible approach to design, we can ensure your material handling needs are met, however complex.

Roto Spiral have ready-made augers suitable for immediate use. Alternatively we can manufacture bespoke products tailored to your needs. If you’re pushed for time, we can meet your needs with very short turnarounds when required.

Augers made by Roto Spiral are made from high quality metals suited to the materials they handle. They can be manufactured with mild steel, stainless steel (all grades), CR12, hard plate (up to 500 Brinell), manganese, corten plate and aluminium. Choose your flow rate from a few kilograms per hour up to a thousand tonnes per hour.

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