Screw Conveyors

Roto Spiral is one of the UK’s leading screw conveyor manufacturers, with a good selection of used equipment for sale too. We offer a wide range of conveyors to make sure we can meet your needs, however complex they may be.

Whether you need to move wood chips, liquids or animal feed, our conveyors are ready to handle materials safely and efficiently. Our conveyors are used across industries, and there’s no challenge we can’t face. With their central rotation system, screw conveyors are both constantly mixing material and easy to maintain. Less moving parts means less upkeep, so our equipment is known for being cost-effective and robust.

Screw conveyors feature a centralized rotating screw that gently moves material from one end to the other in any direction. The material won’t be damaged, and can be mixed when required. If your project needs to eliminate mixing inside the conveyor, we can cover that too. The equipment can also be very easily cleaned, by flushing it through with cleaning agent and reversing the direction of rotation where required.

We currently offer a selection of used conveyors. Please visit our used equipment page, or get in touch today to discuss your conveying needs.

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