Repaired Tub Feeders For Sale

Rotospiral are pleased to offer both repairs and second-hand equipment, as well as brand new custom-made orders.

We have a selection of Tub Feeders in our yard waiting for repair and restoration. Our expert team are working to restore each tub feeder to its former glory. With a few hours of welding and a bit of elbow grease, these tub feeders will be ready to return to work. Thanks to our extensive background in manufacturing farming and feed equipment, we’re well versed in big repairs like this one.

Repaired tub feeders

If restoration or repairs just aren’t possible, we’re on hand to advise you on some cost-effective replacement options, too. We can make equipment to order, design a bespoke machine if needed, or show you our second-hand equipment for a more affordable and effective answer.

Get in touch today for more information on equipment repair services or to hear about our second-hand equipment sales.

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