We’re now working with MedWise to keep all our Rotospiral staff healthy.

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Medwise Mobile services. From next week, our staff will be visited by a mobile medical centre for regular check-ups. This means they can see a doctor whenever they need to, without having to leave work.


It’s important to keep an eye on your health, but with doctor’s offices operating at the same time as the workplace, it’s hard to find the time. There might also be complications with childcare or transport. So, we thought we’d bring the doctor somewhere more convenient!

MedWise Mobile can provide health surveillances like audiometry, vision testing and spirometry right on-site. This way, you can have your eyes, ears and lungs tested without the added hassle of getting to your doctor’s office. We take occupational health seriously, so we wanted to give our staff medical monitoring at their convenience.

It’s non-compulsory, of course! If someone would much rather head over to their chosen doctor, that’s alright by us. This is a way of making sure everyone has access to a medical specialist right when and where they need it.

Our first visit from the MedWise Mobile service will be next week, so watch this space for any news or updates.

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