4 Important Things to Consider When Choosing an Auger

If moving materials around your site is integral to your work, then you need the right equipment. Augers and screw conveyors should help your site become more efficient and reliable, so it’s natural you want one that meets your needs perfectly. Remember, you can always count on our expert team members for advice, but here are a few things to consider first:

  1. Length and Capacity – How far do you need your material to travel? Whether it’s an achievable distance in a straight line, or a longer and more complex route, there will be a perfect option out there. Consider how much material you need to move, too. More material might mean a slower transport time unless you choose an auger with a larger capacity.
  2. Power Source – How close to the proposed auger is your power source, and what voltage does it offer? We’re happy to advise you on which motors can work best for your and your chosen auger.
  3. Flighting and Diameter – The greater the diameter, the more material you’ll be able to move. However, you could save money getting a smaller auger if you don’t have huge quantities to transport. Ask any member of our team for an estimate on volume for each of our augers to find the right size for you.
  4. Finding spare parts – Some augers have spare parts more readily available than others. If your site uses materials that could cause wear and tear, or if you’re planning on using it 24/7, you may need to take maintenance and replacement options into consideration.

The Rotospiral team wants every customer to match up with the right equipment for them. Consider the above points and make sure your material transport system is working for you, not the other way round. If you can do this and choose on your own, that’s great! If you need an industry expert to give you a helping hand, we’d be happy to help.

Get in touch with us today and we can help you choose your perfect auger.

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